Go Canada Property


Mohan Ramnaraine is the founder of Go Canada Property. He is a corporate professional by education and a real estate agent at heart. He loves putting real estate deals together. Having worked in the corporate world for several years before he decided to pursue a career in real estate provided him with unparalleled experience in business and professional environments, where he has acquired relevant skills he uses daily in representing his real estate clients. Mohan is well versed and well prepared when it comes to real estate which makes it easy to cater to the international client base.

Mohan has worked with a wide array of clients: from luxury home buyers and sellers to sophisticated real estate investors and developers. His transactional experience covers a wide spectrum of deals, from hi-end residential property sales and leases to large, sophisticated income property transactions, leveraged real estate syndicates, short-sales, raw land transactions, commercial and industrial property sales and leases. Along with Mohan’s vast experience in manufacturing and marketing he has been involved in a variety of real estate deals as an investor. Mohan’s clients find that it’s very helpful to have someone who “on the other side” guides them through the negotiations, due diligence and closing process in real estate investment and development community.

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